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So adorable... [entries|friends|calendar]
The most adorable couples!

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so adorable [22 Jun 2005|04:58pm]

1. Your names: Kayla and Adam
2. Your ages: 18 and 20
3. Your annivesary date/how long have you been together?: June 28th will be 4 years!!!
4. Where/how did you meet?: We met in the most random way--- at soccer camp! I lied to him about how old i was, he was 16 and i was 13 but i said i was 14 so he'd stick around and talk to me... haha. And we've had a long distance relationship ever since... him living in ill. and me in Oh.
5. Tell us about your first kiss: It was in a the back seat of my aunts car... he later spilt water down my shirt.
6. What is the sweetest thing your someone has done for you?: Well he's deployed right now, he's actually leaving for Iraq on Monday... and on Valentines Day he had roses delivered to my house!
7. What is the sweetest thing you've done for your someone?: I've written him a letter EVERY day since he's been deployed.
8. What made you realize you were in love?: When we looked into each others eyes... *both laugh* No seriously... I knew i loved him before i knew his name. And for the first two years we never got to see each other.. we had to communicate online and on the phone, so we really grew a strong connection to each other.
9. What's the most special date you've been on?: I guess last week when he had his two weeks before heading out to Iraq... It wasn't really special we were with his brother the whole time, but we were out on the boat all day... and then we went to a baseball game. I loved it though... seeing him again.
10. Do you see marriage in the future?: Yes! When he comes home from Iraq!
11. Did you promote to 1 community and 1 lj member? (add links): http://www.livejournal.com/users/reghalynn/100755.html?view=139411#t139411 and http://www.livejournal.com/users/kay_izzle/4133.html
12. Did you promote in your info?: Yes
13. 2+ pictures of you and your sweetie! <3: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Stamped. [09 Jun 2005|04:56pm]

It's in crappy webcam form, though. :(

ALOT has happened between Carlos & I. I shall update about it later when I'm not feeling so sick. ♥
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it's already 8th here(: [08 May 2005|02:23am]

It's my 26th month with my boy :)

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Stamped//New picture. [05 May 2005|01:12pm]

[ mood | ugly. ]

Eww. I hate this picture because I hate my nose. The overall picture is okay, in my opinion, though.

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CUTE NEW PICTURES [30 Apr 2005|08:13pm]

since I still can't figure for the life of me how to get pictures on post:) :) I wanted to let you all know that I have put like 50 new pictures up on my LiveJournal Gallery:) :) so go and check them out.. there are tons of my handsome man
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Stamped // Random [27 Apr 2005|12:01am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Thought I'd share a few pictures taken today :) Went out with my girlfriends and the boyfriends. Watched the horror movie Infection. Lol. ♥

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Ok sorry to get all mean mod on you but... [24 Apr 2005|07:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

there are still a few members that haven't sent in an application and one of them is a member that joined after the automatic 10 members... I really don't want to be one of those mean moderaters that gets all "ahh!" over applications but the whole point of an application is to get to know the couples that are here. If the member that joined after the automatic 10 doesn't send in an application in the next 4 days... I have to ban them for a month... ah I really don't want to do that so please please please... if you haven't sent in an app. I'd really appreciate it if you did... it's not a very long application and your answers don't have to be in depth masterpieces... just let us get to know you. Please get them in you guys. please.

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New Layout! [21 Apr 2005|08:24pm]

What does everyone think?!
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NEW PICTURES [21 Apr 2005|04:49pm]

I have new pictures under my JL photo album/scrapbook.. check them out.. they are of my friends/sweetie and myself.. the love of my life is in there also
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//Stamped [21 Apr 2005|10:30pm]

Turned 17 today, April 21st. Had loads of fun with the Bf! Thought of sharing a few pictures with you people :) [It's already 10:25PM here.]

Have a great day everyone! <3

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[20 Apr 2005|09:04pm]

OK I'm still looking for a layout to fit this community so if anyone stumbles on a layout they would like on here let me know.

I FOUND ONE!!!! I don't know about you guys but I love this layout. It's so soft looking and the song is wonderful. I hope you guys like!

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Members Page [20 Apr 2005|04:14pm]

Ok everyone I'm making the members page tonight so post your favorite picture of you and your someone in a comment to this entry if you want to be in the members page. If you don't post one in here then I'll just use the one I already have. If you haven't submitted an application or given me pictures than unfortunately you wont have a picture by your name... So please try to get those in. I really want to finish it tonight!
<3 your mod!
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[20 Apr 2005|10:00am]



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[20 Apr 2005|12:18am]

Hello everyone, hope that you all had a good day.. so i am just siting here thinking about how in love i am with my boyfriend and I thought that I would add a little post here....... (yawn) I was thinking about how special he was:) :) at night I usually get really tired but he can stay up forever.. so when he is driving me home I like to lay down across the streets and put my head on his chest or lap and sleep til he gets to my apartment. usually i am actually asleep but there have been a couple of times that i was awake when he got to my apartment. Instead of waking me up he just turns off his car and sits there with me for awhile... He always kisses my forehead and my cheeks.. i love how he does that.. it makes me all googley and makes me feel so special.... I love how even though he could just wake me up he just sits there and holds my tightly and kisses me while I sleep.... hmm.. just wanted to add that:)
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//Stamped [20 Apr 2005|01:59pm]

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[19 Apr 2005|09:34pm]

Names: Samantha and Stefan
Ages: 18/21
Anniversary: 2/22/05
When/How did you guys meet: Sam:"We meet last Nov at school during a class meeting for a oceanography class that took place in Mexico. We just talked after class and then I didn't see him again until Feb of this year when we actually went on the trip and that is sort of whole it all started."
Tell us about yoru first kiss: Sam: "our first kiss was in Mexico, but they were just pecks, we had a somewhat bigger kiss coming back over the border in the car but the first real kiss was later in the week after we got home and we had this great kiss in the car after hanging out with our friend Jessica" Stefan: "hmm. that was different" hmmm:) :) :)
Tell us about your best date: Sam:"Our dates huh? well we hang out everyday and don't really go out on dates.. i like to hang out with friends and with him, but dates are sort of dumb.. you don't need to date when your already with someone. that is what I think at least." Stefan:"I think that when we saw the RING 2 hmm.. (laughs) was pretty good.."
Do you see a future together: Stefan:"Yes, forever and ever." Sam:"Wedding chapel in Mexico this summer..." Look for pictures of the ring online in a couple of days:)
What are your future plans (set plans): Sam:"We are moving into together at the end of the school (basic) year and going to go to college togehter. We are also going on a month long trip this summer together. yeah" Stefan:"To marry Sam, that's all I got so far.Then again we don't have a set date, but that is okay because i know it is going to happen"
What do you love most about your love: Stefan:"It's enduring" Sam:" He makes me happier then anyone or anything ever has."
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[19 Apr 2005|09:16pm]

Well today is Tuesday so of course the entire day was spent with Stefan.... from 9 in the morning until right now.. yawn.. twelve hours is long but doesn't seem long enough..... :) we just took a little nap right now and woke up... yawn... everytime we sleep together he holds me so tight, even when i move away he just moves closer and holds me again... i love waking up with him so much.. yawn... right now we got up to watch his favorite tv show "HOUSE" he sits in front of the tv like a little kid giggling and all happy...!!!:) he is so damn handsome/cute.... yawn.... i am so so so so sleepy..... but it is too cute to miss him watch the show.. anyways... he wrote the nices journal entry while i was pouting and trying to take a nap earlier..... well this shall be it for right now.. too tired to write anymore... talk to you all soon
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SO ADORABLE [19 Apr 2005|06:47pm]

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1 MORE MEMBER! [19 Apr 2005|04:41pm]

Ok guys... One more member and then applications are required! Yay!! heh heh we're getting pretty active now and I hope pretty soon the ball gets rolling even more. Thank you guys for promoting and taking part in this community. It will get more active soon I promise!
<3 Ashley


Everyone.... We now have 10 members!!!! Now applications are required. If you guys could keep on promoting so we can get this thing really active and it will be great!
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[19 Apr 2005|04:06pm]


i love yous not enough, im lost for words.Collapse )</u></em></strong>



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